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I’m Coach J, and I’m a lot like you. 👋🏼

I love Jesus, my wife, our daughters, and helping other parents reach their fitness goals.


Blue Shoes Fitness is all about making fitness and nutrition simple and practical for parents like you.

❌ You won’t have to be a slave to the gym

❌ You won’t need to spend hours in the kitchen

❌ You won’t waste time trying to write your own workouts

❌ You won’t sacrifice time with your spouse and kiddos

(Your workouts and nutrition habits are tools meant to help you in your everyday life, not take away from it.)


I create custom fitness and nutrition programs based off of my clients’ goals, preferences, and lifestyle. Your program (literally!) begins with a blank spreadsheet, and we’ll work together to fill in the pieces to help you reach your goals. 

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Here’s what my clients are saying about their transformations with BSF:

Each of my clients receives a completely custom program, but I’ve created a general progression to follow:

BLOCK 1: Assessments

Rather than trying to force 29873501 changes all at once right from the beginning, we’ll start tracking what your current habits while adding in a few basic workout assignments. We’ll gather as much data as possible, including who you are outside of your fitness goals. 🙂


BLOCK 2: Practice Reps

Once we’ve established your fitness, nutrition, and mindset baselines, we’ll incorporate foundational principles in your eating and staple movements in your workouts. This block is all about getting plenty of practice reps in your new habits and systems.


BLOCK 3: Intensity

Then, when your workouts and nutrition tracking feel more natural and mesh well with your lifestyle, we’ll apply higher intensity. In your workouts, I’ll challenge you to push closer to your maximal efforts; in your nutrition, I’ll challenge you to greater accuracy and consistency.

BLOCK 4: Progression

After all this, we’ll select key variables in your training and nutrition protocols to progress using various principles, tools, and techniques. By this point, you’ll be plenty familiar with your program, yet you’ll constantly be encouraged to grow, adapt, grow, and repeat.


Does this framework sound like it would help you to reach your top priority goals? If so, click the button below to learn more about how to get started!

I’m sure you still have questions before you get started with your coaching program. 


Here are some FAQs that your fellow parents often ask about training online with BSF:

First, you’ll fill out an in-depth questionnaire to give me all the relevant ins and outs of who you are, what’s important to you, and what you want to achieve.

We’ll have a shared document that contains your entire program: custom workouts, exercise demo videos, individualized nutrition protocols, tracking sheets, progress photos, progress charts, etc. 

You and I will be on a texting basis so we can communicate in real time about how your program is going. Every 6-12 weeks, I’ll update your program with a brand new training block, complete with a full-length overview video sharing all of the changes I’ve made and how these changes will help you achieve your goals.

There is also a bunch of bonus content, such as a complete educational video course, but there’s too much to list here!

Whether you’re working out at a fully-equipped gym, or if you’re training at home with random bands and dumbbells, I’ll take all of this into account when creating your custom program.

Some coaches try to hide this part, but I feel it’s important that you know exactly what you’re getting into right from the start.

BSF Online Training is $260 per month, which equates to about $65 per week. 

(For reference, training with a coach at a gym typically costs $300-500 per month with no extra support when you’re not paying for the coach’s time. This is one of the big reasons why I moved to online training – lower price AND more value for my clients.)

No and no! However, my coaching experience will resonate best with those who are trying to balance fitness with family life, working around the challenges of raising kids while still taking care of themselves. Additionally, my coaching style will resonate best with fellow Believers who share similar worldviews about how fitness is important, but faith in Christ is the ultimate priority.

There are no set end dates for your program – your program will end once you’ve reached your goals, and once you feel confident that you’ve learned enough from me to keep going on your own! BSF coaching is more like a mentorship program in this regard. Most of my clients train with me for 1-3 years before they “graduate!”

If you and your spouse are looking to train together, just mention that in your application form! I have special accommodations (and discounts!) for couples. This is because some variables of your programs will overlap to make them as convenient and practical as possible, while other variables will still need to be completely individualized for each of you.

Ready to get started right away? Or maybe you still have a few questions for me? Go ahead and apply below, and we’ll chat more before you officially sign up!

(One final thought for you: I make sure every single person who applies for coaching finds their best next step toward their goals, even if that means referring them to another program or resource. Applying is truly risk-free!)