Being a Mom or Dad is basically a 24/7 workout.

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What does a workout program made for parents include?

  • Flexible workout schedule. This is a 3 workouts/week program, and you can choose any 3 days of the week to complete your assignments. Each workout will take you about 45 minutes to complete, with add-on accessory exercises for days when you have more time/energy.
  • Efficient exercise prescription. These workouts consist of core movement patterns that are relevant to your strength needs as a parent. Exercises are organized in such a way that doesn’t waste your time, but also doesn’t make you feel rushed.
  • Optimized workout splits. Rather than completely crushing each muscle group once per week (think leg day), your training volume will be spread out over the course of the week (aka same results, but less soreness).
  • Like-minded community. Parenting can be a lonely journey, so this program includes an active community forum (built into the app!) that you can join in order to give AND receive encouragement, help, and feedback.
  • Progression, progression, progression. In parenting and in fitness, doing the same things over and over will not produce meaningful results. You’ll need to progress as you get stronger – every 5 weeks your program will be updated and will include an overview of what changed, why it changed, and how you can continue making progress.
  • Personalized help and attention. Have you ever been frustrated trying to find help via Google or YouTube? During our weekly Q&A sessions, you’ll be able to ask me anything about your training and get personalized recommendations – plus you’ll find help by hearing what other members are asking too!

(One more quick thing: parent-focused strength training should be high quality at an affordable price.

I promise that after your free trial, you’ll get more than $27 worth of value from the Strong Shepherds program each month. The community alone is worth more than that.)


Is this program meant for beginners or advanced lifters?

This training program covers a range of experience levels, but the workouts are best for those who already have a basic understanding of strength training. For many, this will be their first progressive, structured strength training program, but not their first time to ever lift a barbell or use a cable machine.


Will we be able to communicate directly with you?

Of course! In the community forum, you’ll be free to post questions, comments, form check videos, anything at all. I’ll be making my rounds to each post, but you’ll also find plenty of help from the other members! Additionally, I will be hosting weekly Q&A sessions to answer any of your questions that need more clarity.


What exercise equipment will I need?

The primary exercises will include a variety of pieces of equipment whether you’re at the gym or at home, but alternatives will be provided as well. Recommended equipment includes:

  • Dumbbells
  • Barbell/Plates
  • Cables/Functional trainer
  • Large Resistance Bands
  • Adjustable workout bench
  • Leg press, row machine, etc.

(All exercises will include a dumbbell or resistance band variation in case that’s all you have access to!)


Can I join this program even if I’m not a parent?

Absolutely! If your goals have anything to do with getting stronger, building muscle, or just feeling better during your everyday life, you’ll get a ton out of joining Strong Shepherds. Many of the specific programming variables (training volume, workout splits, length of workouts, hand-picked exercise selection, etc.) are designed around the needs of parents – but anyone can benefit from these as well!


Does this program include nutrition coaching?

No. Nutrition programming is even more specific to each person’s goals/circumstances/health history, which makes it difficult to prescribe at the group level. However, you can always share and ask for nutrition help/ideas in the group forum and in our weekly Q&A sessions. If you’d like more personalized nutrition guidance, you can sign up for 1:1 nutrition coaching with me to supplement your Strong Shepherds training program!


What does the name “Strong Shepherds” mean?

As parents, we are the shepherds of our kids: we have been entrusted to lead, teach, correct, and encourage them as long as they’re under our care. What a joy and a responsibility that is! However, shepherding in this way can also be extremely demanding physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Strong Shepherds is all about preparing your body for all the demands that parenting brings, as well as reinforcing our commitment to raising up the next generation well.


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